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we have created Sumorize and we’ll go on to dev that no-stop 🙂


Technology should serve us, and not the other way around.

in other words it is fast, light and simple even in complex things. It saves you more than half of the time needed for web development and this is the technology we like.


if it's not needed, well it's not needed!

 We have upset the paradigm of approach to the web by minimizing the commitment of servers and databases only where it is actually needed.


Sumorize use Equinix Data Center AM3 situated in Netherlands with 100% renewable energy. ♻️

Equinix provide us a LEED accreditation and green building certifications and standards for renewable energy coverage via ISO 14001, ISO 50001. Data Center as AM3 is net-zero carbon emissions for Scope 2 emissions from electricity consumption.

There is the social responsibility of company. We will always check if the company benefits the society and the environment.  

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